NATA Update

Published October 18, 2021

The AHCA would like to highlight to members and the wider industry a recent statement released by NATA clarifying the NATA position regarding the use of adhesive tapes and/or swab sampling techniques and associated analysis for asbestos.

The AHCA supports NATA’s position statement and intends to run a seminar on the potential flaws and inconstancies associated with the adhesive tapes and/or swab methodology in November.

AHCA cautions members and the wider industry against using such techniques due to the limited data set provided to undertake a robust risk assessment.

NATA statement:

NATA continues to receive questions on the applicability of AS 4964 2004 to the analysis of dust samples collected using adhesive tape and swabs/wipes.  NATA has sought technical advice on this matter and has concluded as a result that samples of dust collected using adhesive tape, swabs or wipes fall outside of the definition of a bulk sample and therefore are not covered by the scope of AS 4964 2004.  NATA supports method development.  It is recommended that validation studies be undertaken for both techniques to demonstrate collection of samples in this way is fit for purpose and the outcome of these studies published to allow for peer review.

NATA is writing to advise applicant and accredited facilities that testing of dust samples collected using adhesive tape, swabs or wipes is not covered by the scope of accreditation and as such results cannot be issued with the NATA endorsement.  This advice will also be provided to NATA’s stakeholders and circulated via NATA’s social media platforms. 

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