The AHCA represents and supports Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Professionals and provides an opportunity for Consultants, Industry, Industry Associations, Charities, Community members and Regulators to come together to interact and share information and knowledge. Our aim is to drive and encourage best practice through consultation and knowledge sharing.

Business Memberships

Corporate and Non-Corporate Membership offers exclusive engagement opportunities including participation in planning and presenting at local events; ability to contribute to the future of Hazardous Materials Management; access to organisational knowledge, experience and provides opportunities to be recognised for excellence in Hazardous Materials Management.

Individual Memberships

Individual membership is your pathway towards building industry connections, and improving your project knowledge and competency. With benefits to support your career like event invitations, access to our resources, and certification opportunities, there’s a level of membership tailored to everyone from early career to industry veterans.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of AHCA, you join an association dedicated to better management of asbestos & hazardous materials. The AHCA recognises that there is often a gap between official guidance and the realities of work on site. The AHCA provides an opportunity to discuss member queries particularly in regards to the implementation of standards, regulation and guidance and present those queries to relevant bodies of which AHCA is represented and vice versa.

We aim to grow with you, in time providing a distinctive, dynamic and rewarding membership experience that will provide you and the larger community with noticeable benefit. We will actively seek to promote opportunities to improve your membership benefits including but not limited to training, affiliations, mentoring, regulatory updates, committees and position papers.

Not only for consultants, membership of the AHCA is open to all within consultancy, government, academia and industry. To do so will serve to encourage communication, awareness and understanding of asbestos and hazardous materials throughout the community and provide an opportunity to influence industry and management of asbestos and hazardous materials in a positive way.